An Online Program that encompasses all 3E Fitness stands for - Health, Fitness, Family and Community.


Why 3E Fitness?

3E Fitness has established itself in our local community as the Number 1 Family Oriented Gym.

We have been training Mums, Dads and Kids in our private facility for more than 10 years and now our goal is to be able to help a wider audience lead fit and healthy lives.

3E Fitness is owned and operated by Lauren and Shane Gilcrist who have been in the fitness industry for 20 years.

We have a passion for helping others to be fit and active, and in doing so become role models for their kids.

How it works:

Moving online we are providing all the amazing aspects of our physical gym for you to be able to access at home, in your own time and from wherever in the world you may be living!

The 3E Fitness Online (3EFO) Program is designed to be done as an individual, or as a family and includes: 

  • Accountability & Support
  • Community 
  • Education on Fitness and Nutrition
  • Mindset and Wellbeing Tips
  • Workouts - LIVE, DIY and KIDS
  • Recipes and Meal Ideas
  • Catch Ups and Check Ins
  • Plus Much, Much more...

Come and Join the 3E Fitness Family!


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